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Friendly Reminder: If you are under the age of 18, you MUST have permission from a guardian or parent to purchase. Read more information about  payments and processing in the FAQ below.

📌Notice: Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all of our packages are lifetime! Thank you for supporting us! 😄 🎉

Where does the money made from purchases go?

All the financial support made from our store is put towards server costs, such as development, advertising, builds, artwork, and other assets that allows us to make MineMania a better place to play. We assure you that if you do decide to support us, we'll do our best to improve and grow the network.

How long does it take to process orders?

Usually, you will get your items within 1 minute. If it takes longer than 15 minutes, you can contact us via email, on our website, or on our Discord server.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, do to the nature of the virtual goods we sell, we do not provide refunds under ordinary circumstances (exceptions can be made by contacting us if necessary). However, if you have a problem with a payment, we are in easy contact. Make sure you read our Terms and Conditions before you checkout. You must click that you agree to our Terms and Conditions before submitting a payment. When selecting that you agree, you are agreeing that you read the Terms and Conditions.

Parents: What is this?

If you are a parent, and you are reading this, MineMania is a server on the game Minecraft (not officially affiliated with Minecraft). We currently offer a Skyblock (a gamemode type) server for everyone to play on. This server is supported through contributions by players, and in turn players receive some awesome rewards! Contributions are used to pay for things like our server host, development, and other costs that can rack up to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a month. All payments are process through PayPal, a secure payment processor. If there are any further questions, please email: support@minemania.net. Again, we are NOT affiliated with the official Minecraft game, nor Mojang.

Do you need a PayPal Account to purchase an item from this store?

No! You do not need a PayPal Account to purchase an item on the store. To purchase an item without a PayPal account, just click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" at the PayPal redirect checkout process.

If you need assistance, contact us: mnianet@gmail.com 

We are not affiliated with Mojang, nor Minecraft.  You will not get support by contacting them. Please contact US to sort any payment issue out. We can discuss possible resolutions via email.

If you have an issue with your payment, please contact us.

You agree to our Terms and Conditions on purchase.